Grupo Desa works to offer customers a clearly differentiated product range that meets all their requirements. The most extensive product range, personalized customer service, a powerful post-sales service and clear product and price positioning are the main reasons why more than 15,000 customers per year rely on the company.


The company's commitment to the customer begins before and continues after the sale is made. Grupo Desa helps customers during the purchase process through correct prescription of the company's products. Grupo Desa understands that the sale is only satisfactory when the whole process is efficiently completed: optimum material availability, good delivery times, good post-sales service and correct customer care through all the contact channels established for this purpose.


Grupo Desa is an innovative company. In the design of its products, in the implementation of new management and work procedures, in the use of new technologies, in organizational design and team work, and in corporate governance and corporate management: Grupo Desa innovates for change and changes to improve.


Grupo Desa meets its commitments. The company is a credible supplier in that the organization, policies, and work procedures are designed to consistently and comprehensively comply with the promised quality and service levels. Grupo Desa aims to ensure customers receive the treatment they would expect from the company. It also aims to provide fast and accurate responses when this is sometimes not achieved.


Grupo Desa works in a traditional sector, although it continually pursues improvement and change. Long-term success depends on the company's capacity to adapt to the mid-term. Nothing shall be the same tomorrow as it is today. For this reason, the company works to prepare the organization for the future and continue to work alongside customers as it has done for the last 50 years.


Transparency is a central corporate value in the company, in relations with shareholders, in relations with employees and workers and in relations with customers, partners and suppliers. The best guarantee that can be offered to all of these is clarity, good information and transparency. This is the foundation for the good relations that have been built, enabling the company to arrive at where it is today.


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